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Circular Ocean Model.

Circular Ocean has developed a circular economy model that enables the transformation of discarded fishing nets into the high-performance material PENYLON®. Today PENYLON® is used within large-scale additive manufacturing (industrial robot 3D printing) to produce high-end products.

Fractioning & rough cleaning

Inspection & registration

Delivery of nets & crates

Grinding, washing & drying

Green plastic pellets

Melting & compacting

Large scale additive manufacturing

Products of PENYLON® material

Info about material

info about material


Penylon® Material

The goal with developing PENYLON® is to encourage the recycling of ocean plastic waste through the upcycling of fishing nets into high-performance materials for customers truly dedicated to sustainability, such as designers, architects and high-end manufacturing companies.

For example, Ekbacken Studios AB in Sweden is "turning waste into masterpieces" through the production of high-end furniture from PENYLON® with large-scale additive manufacturing.

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