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A fully recycled and recyclable raw PA6 compounded material, made from 100% recycled ocean-bound gillnets and recycled industry minerals, that is comparable in quality to virgin PA6.

100% recycled
92% CO2 reduction

Whilst its name honors its origin, the fishermen and the port of Peniche as well as the use of Nylon as an exceptional material, its creation is thanks to extensive knowledge networks across Norway, Sweden and Portugal

At Circular Ocean we carry out every step of the process required to create PENYLON™, from collection to sorting, cleaning, washing, and shredding all the way to compounding. By being responsible for the full chain, we can guarantee origin of the material and provide full traceability from start to finish.

The process


Its production results in 92% less CO2 per kg compared to virgin plastic production

Sometimes, many of the nets abandoned in the port are too contaminated to be upcycled. So, in the process of collecting nets for PENYLON, those that can’t be used are sent for industrial recycling through our industry partner where they are shredded and reintroduced into the market in a more dispersed form. By recycling and upcycling this material we are increasing the total positive environmental impact of PENYLON™

Our goal in developing PENYLON™ is to encourage the recycling of ocean-bound plastic through the recycling and upcycling of fishing nets into high-performance materials, but also to reduce environmental pollution in the ports and ocean, and to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability.


A percentage of PENYLON™ sales will be reinvest back into the local community – through a fund that will develop ocean literacy initiatives, upskilling opportunities, and social inclusion.

Use cases:

Ekbacken Studios

Ekbacken Studios AB in Sweden is "turning waste into masterpieces" through the production of high-end furniture from PENYLON® with large-scale additive manufacturing.

Skärmavbild 2023-02-23 kl. 20.49.54.png

Our pellets are suitable for
Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing
Injection Moulding
Small scale filament printing (coming soon)

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